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More Products


BOC offers an extensive range of abrasives to choose from, perfectly suited for industrial, domestic or technological applications. Buy your abrasives today.

Cryogenic Storage Equipment

Liquid nitrogen dewars from BOC are ideal for the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen by providing the longest holding time and best life cycle cost. Buy your liquid nitrogen dewars online from BOC today.

Gas Safety & Detection

Gas Safety and Detection from BOC can help you monitor gas level. There are also a range of products for the safe storage and transportation of gas cylinders. Buy online from BOC today.

Safety Signs

Safety signs from BOC are designed to warn, instruct and inform workers about workplace safety compliance. Buy your safety sign online from BOC today


Tools from BOC include a selection of power tools, hand tools, industrial workshop equipment and more. Buy your tools online from BOC today

Torches & Flashlights

Torches and flashlights from BOC are designed to illuminate your surroundings in low light conditions. Buy your torches and flashlights online from BOC today

Welding Screens & Blankets

Welding screens and blankets provide a protective barrier between the welding area and general workplace where workers may be exposed to welding hazards. Buy your welding screens and blankets online from BOC today.

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