Industrial & Gas Equipment

OC offers a range of regulators, flowmeters, cryogenic storage equipment, tools, thermic lances, abrasives, blowpipes, gas hoses, welding, brazing, heating, cutting tips & nozzles, flashback arrestors, LPG burners & equipment. Buy online from BOC today.


Abrasives from BOC include grinding wheels, cutting discs, fibre discs, angle grinder discs, back up pads, flap discs, surface conditioning discs, steel & wire brush. Buy abrasives from BOC for grinding, cutting, sanding & surface conditioning

Welding & Cutting Blowpipes, Handles & Accessories

Blow pipes, handles and their accessories from BOC are ideal for your welding and cutting applications. They include cutting attachments, torch handles, cutting torches & more. Buy your welding and cutting blowpipes, handles & accessories online from BOC

Cryogenic Storage Equipment

Liquid nitrogen dewars from BOC are ideal for the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen by providing the longest holding time and best life cycle cost. Buy your liquid nitrogen dewars online from BOC today.

Flashback Arrestors

Flashback arrestors from BOC are crucial when welding and cutting with gas to minimise the risks of flames and explosions. Buy your flashback arrestors online from BOC today.

Gas Flowmeters

Gas flow meters from BOC are designed to give you easy-to-read gas flow measurements and provide more precise control over gas flow when welding. Buy your gas flow meters online from BOC today.

Gas Cutting & Welding Kits

Welding and cutting kits are a complete and convenient solution to get you started on your welding, cutting, heating and brazing applications. Buy your welding and cutting kits online from BOC today.

Gas Equipment & Accessories

BOC supplies an extensive range of accessories for gas equipment including cutting guides, flint lighters, tip cleaner and more. Buy your gas equipment & accessories online from BOC today.

Gas Hoses & Fittings

Gas hoses from BOC include a range of acetylene, oxygen, LPG gas hoses and fittings to suit your gas applications. Buy your gas hoses and fittings online from BOC today.

Gas Safety & Detection

Gas Safety and Detection from BOC can help you monitor gas level. There are also a range of products for the safe storage and transportation of gas cylinders. Buy online from BOC today.

LPG Burners

LPG burners from BOC's extensive LPG equipment range produce a highly effective flame and are suitable for applications requiring heat output using LPG gas. Buy your LPG burners online from BOC today.

LPG Cylinder Valves

BOC supplies a selection of LPG cylinder valves that can be purchased online. Buy LPG gas bottle valves online from BOC.


Gas mixers from BOC are designed for welding, cutting and heating applications. Buy your mixers online from BOC today.

Gas Regulators & Accessories

Gas regulators from BOC include LPG gas regulators, argon regulators, CO2 regulators, air regulators, oxygen regulators & accessories such as gauges & o-rings for welding, cutting & heating processes. Buy your gas regulators & accessories from BOC.

Thermic Lances & Accessories

Thermic lances and thermic lance accessories from BOC are used for the cutting of materials such as metal and concrete. Buy your thermic lances and accessories online from BOC today.


Tools from BOC include a selection of power tools, hand tools, industrial workshop equipment and more. Buy your tools online from BOC today

Welding, Brazing, Heating, Cutting Tips & Nozzles

BOC supplies welding tips, brazing tips, heating tips, cutting tips and nozzles suitable for your oxy-acetylene or oxy-LPG cutting applications. Buy your tips and nozzles online from BOC today.

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